At last! A simple answer to the universal question "Will anyone remember me when I'm gone?"

In this "must read report" learn the importance of sharing your heart to those you love in the form of a letter... A legacy letter as unique and personal as your very own set of fingerprints.

As you read, remember this: Whatever regrets you may have in your life, leaving a written legacy will never be one of them!

What is a Life Legacy LetterTM? A legacy letter is a simple and complete do - it - yourself solution for those who want to leave a meaningful legacy (and get it done!) but do not want to spend a fortune, be interviewed, write a book, or wade through miles of ideas and checklists. It's the gift of yourself in a letter, marking your days on this earth and sharing your heart and mind to your descendants (both born & yet to come) - precious for its thoughtfulness and foresight, unique in its generosity of love.

Linda Parker

Linda Parker          

An effective, personal legacy letter can be written for the ages in as little as one page.

A word of caution: Don't be fooled into thinking that writing your legacy means someone someday will care where you attended elementary school, what your favorite color was, when you got your first kiss, or what toys you owned. Nor are they likely to read an entire volume filled with similar details. These kinds of facts, while fun to remember (and valuable information for what they're worth), do not reveal your heart or treasured values and will NOT paint a timeless portrait of who you really are.

Many books exist that will have you dredging up details (like these) in order to write a complete and unabridged story of your life. In my opinion, if you wish to go that route, make it a fun exercise for yourself. Do it for the sake of reminiscing and creating a complete personal record. But please, to be relevant for generations to come you must not waste the time of others. And to be honored and memorialized for who you really are, you must be understood. That is the single most important goal you will want to achieve in writing a Life Legacy LetterTM.

In other words, someone must find true meaning in your legacy of simple, well - chosen words. Words that will unite and resonate on a deep human level to all people for all time.

Spare generations to come the mountains of mundane that they might cherish the profound and the meaningful.

"A Time to Live and A Time to Die"
                                                                        Ecclesiastes 3:2

There is one indisputable fact of life, and these words by Solomon states it best. We all are born and we all will die. Some wise soul reminded us once that no one escapes this life alive - never has and never will. While that may sound harsh, the truth of it is the great leveler of us all - rich or poor, tall or short, famous or not, of every religion and all nationalities - all inhabitants of the earth will one day die.

If our death is certain, who will remember us when we are gone? What will they know about our hopes and dreams, our thoughts, our feelings, our values, our faith, and our well - earned wisdom?

Will my footsteps be forever swept away with the sands of time - and with it the very essence of who I am?

Most of us leave a carefully planned will to disperse our earthly possessions. And that's important. We would all like to see our wishes carried out after we're gone. But those are, after all, just things.

Is there any way in the world I can leave what truly matters most to me - a meaningful part of myself?

The answer to that is a resounding YES!

The Importance of A Legacy Letter

As an historian, researcher and archivist for a nonprofit organization, I realize the vital importance of irreplaceable original documents everyday. In specific, my main focus has been to preserve the stories and records of the earliest settlers of Strawberry Point (Gustavus), Alaska and surrounding areas. And what information has been found!

But more to the point, what a joy it has been to reunite descendants with writings from their ancestors that were not known to exist. What an indescribable thrill for second, third and fourth generation adult children to uncover (and hold in their hands) personal writings that share their forefather's very heart and soul.

It is truly remarkable what meaning is brought when a "circling of the wagons" of a family's trail of words and values are discovered and treasured. For the recipients of such a blessing there are feelings of completeness and belonging, of incredible gratefulness, of significance, of understanding and love.

What an unfortunate paradox that the ancestors themselves cannot see through a looking glass to the joy and meaning their legacies in writing have brought. Why? Because without exception there is a very predictable, universal response. EVERYONE who receives such a legacy agrees - it was a gift they didn't even know they were looking for, and one more priceless than they've ever received.

How You Can Get Started Today

Please, reread the underlined sentence above. That is why I am dedicated to the idea that EVERYONE needs to write a legacy letter to leave an ethical will. And that is exactly why I have taken the time to put together a complete package of everything I have learned and everything you need to know to make your short, simple legacy in writing a reality.

All the information I have compiled is written in my easy to follow, content rich E - book entitled Life Legacy LetterTM How to leave a personal legacy letter for generations to come. In this book you will learn where to begin, what to focus on, what is and isn't meaningful, what to steer clear of, how to keep it simple, and most importantly you will be inspired to get it done! And it's loaded with examples, illustrations, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

Linda Parker's Life Legacy Letter book prepares a person to achieve one of life's most important, yet over looked assignments - that of passing on one's experiences, insight and wisdom.

Read this book and follow its prescription and the ones you love will be rewarded and forever grateful.

Rick C. Ernst
Bestselling Author Richer Life Secrets

What You Don't Need

No contracts, lawyers, expensive personal life coaches or interviewers needed. You are not writing a book. You do not need an editor. You do not need special electronic equipment. You will not need to dedicate days and weeks to the task. You do not need a college education. You do not need a lot of money. And so it is hoped, as simple as it is, that you will not need any excuses!

You Can Give the Gift of A Lifetime

Are you wondering if this is something that you could really do? The answer is as simple as the legacy letter itself. With whatever limitations you believe you have, you most certainly can write your very own Life Legacy LetterTM. Anyone can. It is a work of the heart, not an art piece. And you can do it in a meaningful way that will bring joy and inspiration to others while imparting the values you cherish.

It is about who you are, what you stand for, or the faith that sustains your life. You can write in any style you like. You do not have to be an accomplished writer (or a "writer" at all). This is not an English class, and there are no grades. It does not have to be perfect. You CAN get it done, put it away, and forget about it. And you'll rest easy at night knowing you have given the gift of a lifetime!

I read Life Legacy Letter and was introduced to a concept I had never even considered - that of leaving a heart legacy in writing for future generations. Every question in my mind was answered in the book as I went along. I am a very busy mother of young children, but the message resonated with me in a compelling way. I lost my own mother some years ago and would give anything for a piece of her heart that I could hold in my hands and read over and over again. The one thing I had from her (a simple card) was lost shortly after her funeral. I am writing my own Life Legacy Letter following Linda's simple, easy to follow steps so that my children and grandchildren will have the only gift from me that will ever really matter.

Tanya Wagner
Gustavus, Alaska

"Yes, I want to write a Life Legacy LetterTM"

For $12.95 you will receive everything you need to know in my step by step 69 page Life Legacy LetterTM E - Book. It is loaded with all of the content mentioned above - examples, illustrations, and answers to the most frequently asked questions (in print large enough for old, tired eyes), PLUS:

  1. What is a legacy from the heart?

  2. Who needs to write a Life Legacy LetterTM?

  3. Very important legacy letter ground rules.

  4. Building a generational bridge.

  5. Getting in the proper frame of mind.

  6. Thought provoking exercises.

  7. The meaning of the "dash".

  8. How do you want to be remembered?

  9. The "Peephole" test.

  10. How to discern what is most important?

  11. What are your passions and purpose?

  12. The best time to write a legacy.

  13. What materials do I need?

  14. "Writers block" - getting over the hump.

  15. The writing technique that makes the greatest impact!

  16. What vital information should I include?

  17. What descendants really want to know.

  18. What not to say!

  19. Can it really be as short or long as I like?

  20. How do I get started? (And get it done!)

  21. What is "Value Added Meaning"?

  22. How and where should my legacy be stored?

  23. Should I include anything with it?

  24. Can it be revised or changed from time to time?

  25. How can I ensure it will be passed on?

  26. What difference will it make?

  27. Hints and warnings.

  28. 50 more questions to make you think.

  29. And much, much more!

We highly recommend "Life Legacy Letter" for its important concepts, attention to details, practical usefulness, and timely relevance. While the world almost seems to spin out of control, the principles and information contained in this book made a lot of sense in helping us define a sane and in depth contribution to a value based life. Then, as outlined in this book in easy to follow steps, we learned exactly how to pass that contribution into the lives of our loved ones. By leaving a written "Life Legacy Letter" we (and you) can truly make a difference!

Ginger and Jamie Goins
Elizabeth, Colorado

But Hurry - Time Marches On!

The next time somebody asks you "what time is it?" - stop and think because none of us really knows.

Remember, today (this very minute) is the only time that you know for sure that you have. The very important step of writing your Life Legacy LetterTM may be the most "time sensitive" assignment you will ever undertake. Not one of us has a guarantee of tomorrow. And we never will.

Here's the good news. When you finish the last word of your Life Legacy LetterTM you'll feel a sense of relief, of accomplishment - and be forever glad that you took the time to get it done. Generations may "rise up and call you blessed" as your legacy is kept alive marching in step along with time. Act today - and prod others in your life to do the same.

In Closing - A Wonderful Gift of Old

Found in an antique store years ago, an old wood sign reminds me of what we need to remember each and every day. That's why it hangs on the wall of my home - to counteract the hustle and bustle of every day life and to remind us after all what is important.

Here is what it says:

As we journey through life
Let us live by the way
It is later than ever
With each passing day.

Best wishes for a purpose filled life. And before you leave, bless the world with the one gift that will keep on giving - a meaningful legacy from your heart to the written word - your very own Life Legacy LetterTM. Do it today!


Linda S. Parker

P.S. Writing your Life Legacy LetterTM is an urgent matter! Here's what Webster says about "urgent": Compelling and immediate action needed; pressing, imperative. A need or demand that cannot be deferred or evaded.

So don't delay! To defer now may mean missing out on this literal chance of a lifetime. Click the button below to purchase your complete step - by - step Life Legacy LetterTM E - Book. You'll be fully equipped to get started today!

P.P.S. Be a Life Legacy LetterTM ambassador. Think about the people you care about. The Life Legacy LetterTM message should be shared with all of the significant people in your life so that they don't miss out on the power of leaving a simple, timeless, written legacy.

Who do you know that would appreciate the chance to give the most meaningful gift of themselves - perhaps an aging parent, a grandparent, a favorite Aunt or Uncle, or even a friend with a terminal illness? It's quite likely something they have never even thought about.

Sharing the idea puts your relatives and friends under no obligation. But they may find that a legacy letter fulfills a desire that they have never expressed. It may be one of the kindest recommendations you could ever make!

I started reading Life Legacy Letter 38,000 feet in the air on my way to a speaking engagement and couldn't put it down. I was blown away by how enjoyable, inspirational, insightful, and comprehensive the entire book was - from the first page to the last. I can't begin to tell you how it has changed my life. I had just received a Christmas gift from my daughter Brittany (a book to chronicle historic events of my life) because as she said, "Dad, I realize that I just don't know enough about your past and how you feel about things in life." I was touched. But as I began to plow my way through the volumes of questions (covering virtually every scope of a person's life) it loomed as a huge, nearly insurmountable task.

Then I read Life Legacy Letter and realized that what I really wanted to share with my children were my innermost thoughts, what I hoped they would know and remember about my life and the wisdom I have gained over the years. I realized how important it was to leave a positive difference in their lives, to help them live in a better way by learning from me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the samples of legacy letters in the book - including Ronald Reagan's hand written legacy. The 'Frequently Asked Questions' section was extremely helpful and demonstrated Linda's extensive knowledge and passion. One of the most delightful chapters was about Uncle Pearl. This made a major impact on me because it illustrated the importance of leaving a Life Legacy Letter for future generations to cherish - regardless of your station in life.

I highly recommend this book. I am writing a Life Legacy Letter and making sure all my family members get a copy of Linda's book. It is so easy to follow - everyone simply MUST get one to learn how to pass the profound meaning of their lives on to their loved ones.

One last thing. Just months ago my daughter asked me to share my life with her. Within 30 days I am privileged to read Life Legacy Letter. Is it a coincidence? I don't think so. I have gotten the message and I will respond immediately. Thank you Linda for creating and sharing your wealth of knowledge with me. Now I can leave what's most important to me as a gift for generations to come.

E. Alan Cowgill
National Speaker

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